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KeyLab Essential - Technical Issues / Re: KL Essential MK3 + LOGIC
« Last post by _D_i_d_s_ on June 06, 2023, 03:10:21 pm »
Thank you,
this is what I did first, however the script is not acting as per demo/description on Arturia’s site: i.e. the logic track name/plugin doen't show on the mk3 screen...
Same here...
Don't understand to have multi V/OCT CV out without round robin...
KeyLab Essential - Technical Issues / Re: KL Essential MK3 + LOGIC
« Last post by LowPassFilter on June 06, 2023, 02:04:27 pm »
To configure your KL Essential mk3 with Logic, you first need to install the script available here:

Here's a direct link:

Let me know if it helps!

Arturia should create a script for Logic Pro for ipad on its midi controllers
KeyLab Mkii - Feature Requests / Option to keep PAD Lights on in Gate Mode
« Last post by Tama on June 06, 2023, 09:11:23 am »
I am using my PADS to play midi notes in order to use KEYSWITCHES from my libraries. I'm using GATE Mode for that as I want to use it only as a "switch" and TOGGLE mode would not be appropriate due to the need to press the pad a second time to turn it off.

What I would like is the option to keep the pad light ON in Gate mode, for visual feedback.

I'm using KeyLab MKII 61

Technical Issues / Re: ASC is extremely sluggish
« Last post by stuman on June 06, 2023, 04:34:03 am »
Update:  ASC appears to be working now
Is it fair to say that Analog Lab V (and all previously iterations of AL) is really just Arturia's own VST host software? I recently bought the FX Collection 4 and wondered "why can't I just run this in Analog Lab? Why do I have to load it in my DAW (REAPER)." I get that FX Collection is mostly oriented at post production, but I've been running real and virtual instruments through some of the modules to test their capabilities when it dawned on my that I could just run modules on a VST host platform as well for certain use cases. Maybe I missed something. Please chime in. thx.
Pressure sensitive pads seem to give you polyphonic aftertouch and nothing else. Is this right?

There appears to be no pressure sensitive pad function for midi CC despite it clearly saying in the marketing spiel that the beatstep is a capable midi controller with pressure sensitive pads.  And the only thing preventing it seems to be enabling it in software.  My 20 year old M-AUDIO keyboard does pressure sensitive CCs on the pads.

No channel aftertouch or modulation or expression CC options for the pads when playing notes or sequences? 

I bought a beatstep not so much for the sequencer, but mainly as a 16 knob/pad CC controller pretty much only for this feature which is advertised on every retailer store page in the world and now I have to decide if its even worth keeping it. 

It also appears reading these forums that despite still being sold at retail the beatstep has long since had development abandoned.

The lack of control options make this about as useful(less) as a akai LPD8 that is half the price that I already own.
Analog Lab V - Feature Requests / Add FX Collection Plug-ins to Analog LabV.
« Last post by darrelldiaz on June 06, 2023, 12:18:35 am »
I’d love to be able to add the FX Collection plugins to my live setup inside of AnalogLab V in stage mode.

Would that be possible?


Darrell Diaz
Technical Issues / Re: ASC is extremely sluggish
« Last post by stuman on June 05, 2023, 09:40:04 pm »
I have the same issue, ASC not allow me to login (service unavailable), and now can't use any synth too.

Thanks for confirming. Glad I'm not the only one having the issue
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