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B-3 V2 - Technical Issues / Re: Weird tuning issues.
« Last post by LBH on June 08, 2023, 10:34:01 am »

The half step difference is strange. Are you sure it's not your DAW that have a track transposed?

I think it's a good idea to use a tuner. Are you sure Arturias B3 V2 is responsible for a big detune?

I don't use MAC and Logic.
V-Collection / Re: Updated my plugins and all my presets disappeared?
« Last post by LBH on June 08, 2023, 10:07:09 am »

All you presets should be in your main preset folder located at the path you have set for your resources in ASC. They should not be lying around everywhere, if it's Arturia application presets.

Have you checked, if you still have the presets in your preset folders?
I assume the presets are there. And if so, then you can try to delete the db.db3 file in your main preset folder. The database will then be rebuild, when you open an application. You can in example open Analog Lab, and then let it be open, while the datebase build.

I hope that's it.

Old feature request.
FR to set the number of steps for Functions and more. Also good for the Seq/ arp
V-Collection / Updated my plugins and all my presets disappeared?
« Last post by Dugrok on June 08, 2023, 03:24:38 am »
Hello everyone!

I just got FX Collection 4 today and while I was downloading it, decided to update my other instruments (V Collection 9 and a few odds and ends). It worked fine for most of the day today, but after coming back to my system after dinner I noticed all the plugin presets (within the plugins themselves) have disppeared. Yikes!

Is there any way to find them? I had a lot of them lying around in projects here and there and would be in deep trouble if they are really gone. :S
B-3 V2 - Technical Issues / Weird tuning issues.
« Last post by kenland on June 08, 2023, 01:42:26 am »
First the setup.

Logic 10.7.7 on a MacBook Pro M2.
B3-V2 version (arm64)

Had a client send a file recorded in logic on the Vintage B3 plugin.  I often find I prefer the Arturia V plugins so I thought I'd copy the track, replace with B3-V2 on the copied track, copy over the settings and voila! much better sounding organ track.

Found a couple of issues.

1.  B3-V2 home key is an octave up from the Logic stock plugin.  OK, no problem, transpose down an octave and we're good.  Wait, there's still a problem.
2.  B3-V2 sounds horrific with the track.  When I stop and play both the Logic stock Vintage B3 and the B3-V2 at same time from controller, the B3-V2 is playing a half step up.  Very Strange.

I checked tuning (440Hz) on the plugin and the tuning in logic (also set to 440Hz - Equal Temperament)

OK, transpose down another half step and all should be good.  Right?

Mostly - the scale (temperament) seems to be a bit different going up, even with Leslies, chorusing, etc bypassed on both instruments - pulled just the 8' drawbar on both and the difference is noticeable and bothersome.

I'm trying to figure a good way to test between them for this.  I have a strobe tuner at home, so when I get there I can try that to determine what the tuning differential is.

Any thoughts?

Technical Issues / Re: Download goes back to "paused" or "update"
« Last post by to1pro on June 07, 2023, 11:55:43 pm »
@gavinreign You just stopped me from blowing my brains out :) Thank you SO much! This worked for me, as well. After I finished downloading everything I went back into system preferences and unchecked the items for Arturia (since they were unchecked to begin with). The next time I need to update or download a new Arturia product I will go back in and check them again, then uncheck them when I'm finished. You're awesome Gavin!
I know you can use ENV mode and set the loop length but that has annoying side-effects such as jumping to the end of the loop when you release a note.

I know I could make each step wider but that's often not how you come up with a shape - you might build it in the first half of the available points and then wonder how you make it loop there.
MicroFreak - Technical Issues / Re: MCC takes age to open
« Last post by dudaah on June 07, 2023, 09:55:14 pm »
Was thinking about getting a second microfreak, especially now with sample support but was thinking it even before. But it's painfully slow connecting and sending stuff on my Mac with Big Sur with intel chip. Hopefully they can fix this soon. I have tried different cables, connected directly into the computer and not a hub etc and nothing seem to help. Saw in one forum that a keystep usb cable worked better. Question is, do you have any recommendation when it comes to usb cable specifications?
Analog Lab V - Feature Requests / Option to hide presets
« Last post by SYRE on June 07, 2023, 06:01:47 pm »
Even though I like a lot of presets some of my almost 17000 presets are almost unplayable. To me, they might be Great for someone else, just not for me. I something just sit down and go through a bunch of presets and "like" presets I like. It would be great to have an option to hide presets you know you'll probably never use. Just like an added hidden-tab somewhere would be awesome!

Synthwave soundbank for Analog Lab V (Created with Jun-6 V)
The Jun Synth Vol.2
is a collection of 50 “liquid” sounding presets for Analog Lab V and Jun-6 V. They carry the notable vintage timbre of Juno-6, exhaling Synthwave, vaporwave and retrowave sounds mainly.

Intro price 5€ until June 14th, 2023 (Normally 12€)

Presets walkthrough video:

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