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Author Topic: (LIVE10) Expression and Aftertouch Automation Constantly Jumping Around  (Read 2046 times)


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I produce quite a bit with the Arturia collection, which i think is sending sporadic aftertouch and expression automation to Ableton, which during playback is cause the automation lines in Ableton 10 to jump around.

Because of this, I'm not able to automate automation during playback without it constantly flipping back to the expression or aftertouch automation lines. Its also effecting my undo feature (every time i want to undo something, it just keeps undoing the sporadic expression/aftertouch automation, essentially killing the undo feature altogether.

I know there is a panic button within Arturia which is supposed to kill the expression feedback, but as soon as i start playback again it returns to the same issue.

Really hoping there is a solution to this - let me know if its unclear and ill try to better explain.


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Re: (LIVE10) Expression and Aftertouch Automation Constantly Jumping Around
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2019, 11:27:08 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

How should this be possible?

As far as i know, then plugins usually does'nt send that kind of data to a DAW - and especially not automaticly.
They perhaps can recieve some data from a plug-in, if you have set tracks to recieve data from a plugin somehow - perhaps instead of recieving data from a controller. I don't think any of Arturias synths can send this kind of data at all.
I don't know about the possibilities in Ableton, as i don't use it.
But how should a specific Arturia VC plugin draw automation lines in your DAW and such?

- Are you only having this issue with V-Collection? All VC applications?
- Have you tested if your controller send out those data? If it's only happens on a selected track, then that might be the issue. I suggest you test your controller. You could just unconnect it, and see if the issue persist.
- Is anything else set to control the automation inside your DAW, or to allways send MIDI to a plugin on a track?

Keep in mind, that inside a plug-in there might be some modulation going on, but that should not changes anything in your DAWs automation lines, even if it off corse will be audioble, as it might create conflict, if you have set automation to a parameter that's also modulated inside the plugin it self.

Hope this helps. If not, then images and other media is usually a help to understand an issue. Also a very concrete example to reproduce your issue can help.

Perhaps this also could be about using your DAW. So have you looked and/ or asked in Ableton forum?

And informations about your computer specs and your music software and so on can help.

I have tried to answer according to the way, i understand you.


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Re: (LIVE10) Expression and Aftertouch Automation Constantly Jumping Around
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2021, 11:10:54 am »
I also have this problem where AfterTouch AND All Notes Off of the Analog Lab 4 device are receiving some weird input and confusing Ableton automation lanes.

Maybe it has something to do with Push?

I don't even really know what the aftertouch is, but this issue is highly irritating.

More observations:

- if I put my project to PLAY, the Analog Lab 4 automation lane might jump to  from Cutoff to AfterTouch at any time randomly
- when I STOP my project, Analog Lab 4 automation lane jumps to "All Notes Off"

To me this looks like Analog Lab 4 is transmitting these automation controls FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON. I doesn't seem to be caused by any of the USB controllers I have.


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