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Author Topic: V Collection 8 MIDI issues with Cubase Pro  (Read 1799 times)


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V Collection 8 MIDI issues with Cubase Pro
« on: April 12, 2021, 10:10:22 pm »
V Collection issue in Cubase Pro 10.5 - MIDI Config.

Some odd behaviour with Cubase when using Quick Controls & also the 'internal' MIDI settings in the instrument (under 'settings' - 'MIDI' - 'MIDI Config').

When browsing presets in any instrument, a preset starts with the cutoff filter being fully closed (i.e. full anti-clockwise) even though the GUI knob shows it at the 'default' setting for that preset. Hovering the mouse over the GUI knob reveals the numerical value of whatever fully closed is for that instrument. Clicking on the control then changes this numerical value so that it matches the position of the GUI knob (which doesn't move when I clicked the mouse) & the sound plays as designed.

I suspected my Arturia KeyLab Mk2 but it also happens with that disconnected (& uninstalled) & no MIDI controller connected.

I've also noticed that this only occurs after using Track or VST Quick Controls (a Cubase thing) PLUS the MIDI settings within the instrument set to a mapping other than 'Empty'.

In other words, if in the instrument I select settings, MIDI Config & set 'Empty', this odd behaviour goes away. This does though mean that I'm now limited to just 8 parameters to control (since Cubase QCs are limited to 8). A bit annoying as my KeyLab Mk2 has 9 encoders & 9 faders!

I've raised a support ticket with Arturia (including videos of it happening) but if any Cubase users can offer any thoughts or maybe reproduce it in their setups that would be appreciated. It doesn't happen with any other of my VSTis (Steinberg, u-he, AIR etc.).

To reproduce (using Prophet V as an example):

1. Assign cutoff to a Track QC.
2. In Prophet V, select settings, MIDI Controller (any such as Generic, KeyLab etc.). MIDI Config 'Default' (so that some MIDI CC mappings are shown).
3. Load up a preset & use QC to open cutoff filter fully clockwise (either using hardware knob or Cubase slider in the Inspector).
4. Navigate away from the preset & then back to it & see where the cutoff is (the GUI will look correct but the sound will be as if it is closed).
5. Repeat the above but with MIDI Config 'Empty' & the behaviour should go away.

I've used cutoff as an example, but it happens to any parameter assigned to a QC.

Any thoughts from fellow Cubase users?



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