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Author Topic: Many problems with Keylab and Ableton  (Read 3739 times)


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Many problems with Keylab and Ableton
« on: March 25, 2019, 08:51:55 pm »
Having many problems with Ableton and KeyLab MKII

1. Some of the keys are not playing the VST synths in Ableton. C4 for example is not triggering.
I've made a video that demonstrates the issue https://youtu.be/oOEJ_wH062c

As you can see in the video, the midi message is being sent to the computer (I'm running an app (Midi Monitor) to check the midi incoming message), that note is just not triggering the synth.

2. I'm having another problem with the pads. Midi Monitor is showing a Midi message coming in, but it won't trigger anything in Ableton.
I've set the pads correctly as far as I can tell (Channel 10) Still it won't play.

A strange thing is happening where some keys are doing something with the pads.
I don't even know what is going on there — its just lighting up or something.
Here is a video of that.. https://youtu.be/BIVIhCxJfK8

My screen shot of my midi setup in Ableton is below.
I'm still confused if the DAW Keylab settings AND the Keylab (Midi) options need to be set here (both are showing in the Ableton/settings dropdown).

Problem with Keylab and Analog Lab.
While in Analog Lab mode, I set the midi channel to 2 — both in the controller and in Live.
Nothing plays, and according to Midi Monitor it is sending on channel 1. Why?

In this video

I'm setting Analog Lab in Live to accept midi from channel 2.
I've set Keylab to send midi on channel 2. Nothing plays, and in the end of the video, you can see midi is actually being sent on channel 1. Why??

I'm totally 100% stuck.

I've read the manual and watched the Youtube MKII series.

There other issues, like the chord memory is not working at all. But trying to fix the basic use case issues first, before I even try to fix that stuff..

I really don't go through the hassle of returning this controller, shipping it back to Sweetwater etc.
Would really prefer to iron out these bugs if possible.

Is it possible to pair with someone from Arturia tech help?
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Re: Many problems with Keylab and Ableton
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 05:24:36 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

May i ask what happens if you in all your examples set Lives tracks to "All Channels" instead setting them to a specific MIDI channel?

Had a little time to elaborate why i asked like i did.

I think this perhaps can beabout how to use your controller and Ableton Live, than a hardware issue.

Your first example with the C note for example can be about you are in splitmode or somehow filter out notes.

Your second example could for example have to do with how Ableton Live handle MIDI channels or perhaps about MIDI channels set for the plugin it self.

And in your third example it could look like your controller send in MIDI channel 1, so perhaps you have not changed the controllers midichannel after all, or it can be about how Ableton Live work when using MIDI channels or how you plugin MIDI channels is set.

There can be other reasons. But at first i would like to find out, if the controller work, at least when using MIDI channel 1 in a none split keyboard mode, and when Ableton Live is set to ALL Midichannels or MIDI channel 1, and when the plugins is set to recieve on either ALL MIDI channels or Midi channel 1 and is set to have sound on a full range.

Unfortunately i don't have a Arturia controller, and i do not use Ableton Live, so i can only help to troubleshoot. I can't tell if your controller setup is correct.
But i for example do know, that you are not the first one having problems with using MIDI channels beside MIDI channel 1 and perhaps All channels in Ableton Live no matter the controller used.
I can't rule out you have a faulty controller, but at this point it does'nt have to be faulty.
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