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Author Topic: Little strange behaviors  (Read 3011 times)


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Little strange behaviors
« on: December 14, 2017, 02:19:11 pm »
Hello to the Team,

First I wanted to thank you for all the work you did on this collection, particularly considering the Synclavier and now the CMI, from my point of view. Two synths I would never have imagined I could touch, even virtually, few years ago...

So I bought the update (at a good price, for me) and I'm now happily experimenting with the CMI V. Therefore, I noticed some strange behaviors, I don't know if these ones are specific to my case, or not :

1- In the edit part of a wave, when you zoom at max, the END LOOP locator has some erratic behaviors : it doesn't follow correctly the mouse when you press the shift key and often, you're not allowed you to go to the left. So It make harder for fine adjustements.

2- Due to the fact that the END LOOP locator follows the START LOOP locator, you  always have to go back correcting the position of the END LOOP locator after moving the START LOOP one. May could be a way to have the possibility, when needed, to make these two moving independently.

3 - In the TUNE/ MAP : when you assign a midi channel to a part (i.e. : Ch.4 or whatever), if you go to the browser and you change the sample in the slot, the midi channel will loose the Ch.4 and will go back to 'All'. It doesn't happen when you load your own sample, only happens when selecting the ones in the browser.

May be these issues are specific to my configuration. Anyway, these are minor issues.

Keep on the good work :)

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Re: Little strange behaviors
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2017, 05:36:04 pm »

thanks for your feedback and glad you like the CMI!

1: you can coarsely set your loop marker at the begin of a segment. If you need more precision, you can use shift + drag to move the marker in a sample accurate way in the current segment. There is indeed no way to finely move to the previous segment.

2: the loop end is in fact a loop length (and work as such).

3: indeed. We will need to think about it.

Overall it works as intended but we will need to iron out some edges ;)


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