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Author Topic: [Solved] Crossgrade from Analog Lab 2: Instruments->Presets->my songs lost :-(  (Read 12845 times)


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Due to a crossgrade all my songs using Analog Lab 2 lost their instruments, as there are both versions of Analog Lab in Ableton Live, now - but version 2 not working anymore. How to fix this? How to redirect these as simple as possible to Analog Lab 3 without rechosing and reconfiguring instruments (which likely would not be possible either)?
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Re: Crossgrade from Analog Lab 2: Instruments->Presets->my songs lost :-(
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2017, 11:24:35 am »

Sorry to read about this, basically, you shouldn't have such recall issues.

Can you please drop us a message through this form ? www.arturia.com/support/askforhelp
This will help us to follow up your case more efficiently, and register your issue for quality purposes.

To give you few information that could be useful to other users before to continue on the support side:

- When installed, Analog Lab 3 copies the presets to its own folder, and erases all the Analog Lab 2 files.

- To allow projects using Analog Lab 2 to be recalled with Analog Lab 3, both AL2  & AL3 are sharing the same VST id.

=> So when recalling a project, your tracks using Analog Lab 2 should automatically use Analog Lab 3, and recall the same preset / vst configuration previously used.

However, here is what I suspect:

- Your Analog Lab 2 VST file (Analog Lab 2.dll) was installed in a custom VST folder, and was consequently not removed upon Analog Lab 3 installation

- So when the DAW is calling for Analog Lab VST ID, it's still trying to use Analog Lab 2.dll file instead of Analog Lab 3.dll file.

- Consequently, as the Analog Lab 2 ressources have been removed while installing Analog Lab 3 it will fail to recall the project.

Conclusion: To resolve this issue, I think that you simply have to remove the remaining Analog Lab 2.dll file from your VST custom folder.


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Re: Crossgrade from Analog Lab 2: Instruments->Presets->my songs lost :-(
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2017, 07:40:05 pm »
Thanks Edouard, this fixed the problem! It seems like the installer just removed the old dll in 32 bit custom vst folder but not in the 64 bit one. As I am using the 64 bit versin, I removed the old dll and everything works fine now. :-) Can be closed as solved.
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pl arturia

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Hi all,
We have released today a new version fixing this issue.

François Goldsmith

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... à mon tour maintenant !
Bonjour les mélomanes. Alors pareil pour moi.
Sauf que je ne trouve pas de .dll de AnaLab2. Je vais voir dans mes dossiers VST... rien. Je vérifie que je suis bien à la bonne destination... oui mais rien.
Que ferait une personne intelligente à ce moment-là ? Thanks a lot  ;)


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