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Author Topic: Storm 3 questions  (Read 10374 times)

Roland Mabo

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Storm 3 questions
« on: September 20, 2004, 01:51:45 pm »

I'm new to Storm and it's concept, trying my best to learn it. Some questions...

* How to delete/remove an already recorded sequence? The most obvious solution would be to select the bars and hit the Delete key. This doesn't function, so how to do it?

* It doesn't seem to record solo/mute?

* It doesn't seem to save settings to the mix table. If I have a song with a fade up at the beginning (at zero volume the first bar, fading up at the 2nd bar) and I load it into Storm, the default setting in the mix table for the master volue is standard volume. When I hit play it plays at full volume the first bar, then it goes to zero volume and fades up the 2nd bar. This is just too stupid!

* Why isn't there a silent pattern in all the modules? When I don't want the modules to play from beginning to end, only some bars here and there in the song, how to make them silent? The solution I've found is to make an empty pattern and store this. Is there an easier way of doing it?

I do like the program, it's good for creating rhythms. It's a ”groovy thang”. :) But the presets lead sounds are too synthetic and noisy. I have an Yamaha DX 21 from 1985, I thought modern software would at least give me more... but no. It isn't the "all singing and dancing all-in-one-solution" that I was looking for, but it's a good start. Perhaps it would be really nice in combination with Cubasis VST 5... ?

Btw, it has already crashed three times and I've just been using it a couple of days. This doesn't feel good. (I have WinXP, 768Mb RAM, Celeron 1.33Ghz)


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