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Author Topic: New Drum Machine  (Read 1976 times)


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New Drum Machine
« on: June 03, 2023, 04:06:10 pm »

as I can't find any forum for software (this is for V Collection only as I see) therefore I post it there.

My idea is for new drum machine software (vst and standalone) which will be similar to Pigments (in visual part especially for GUI).
  • It will have 16 or 32 pads for drum sounds, maybe make it modular like and user can decide how many drum pads need?
  • Each pad can hold several sound generators (some inherited from Pigments?)
    - sampler
    - FM
    - virtual analog
    - spectral
    - resynth (load samples as spectral / harmonics)
    - I can imagine to have some modules from Spark 2
    those generators can by stacked, that means user can add multiple samplers in one pad or mix them all togheter (3x samples 1x FM 4x VA in one pad)
  • Each sound generator will have
    - filter section (minimum two selectable filters, maybe it can aslo be inherited from Pigments?)
    - ADSR (for each generator, that means if pad will have 4x sampler, each sampler will have own ADSR) with option to edit ADSR for all generators in pad.
    and last FX section for pad
  • Sequencer, it is not necessary for me, maybe in first release it doesn't have to be, but I can imagine that someone will appreciate it. Also if there will be some, I would like it to have also some automation for internal fx for pad (if pad will have some FX inside)
  • Slice mode - it load sample and turn each slice into pad (with sliced sample in sampler generator) and aslo generate a correct time sequence in sequencer (if there will be). Then each slice (pad) can be edited to own wish. For example change some pad from sample into another generator.
  • And last include good samples, maybe from Spark?

This is only general idea, I can imagine more details but I think for start it is enough. Also if someone have another ideas, feel free post some here.
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