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Author Topic: I would like to install different instruments resources on different hard drives  (Read 633 times)

Joseph Vourteque

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HI all,

So I have a vey fast external SSD but, and perhaps someone can also expound on this, for reasons I don't quite understand it seems my Arturia plugin resources require 10x the space on the SSD than they did on my old external HDD.  That said I've installed everything in my portable studio on the SSD BUT my Arturia plugins and I'm a little sad because I use them a lot and would love for them to also experience the joy of 2000 mb/s transfer speeds.  Anyway - I would - at the very least - like to have Pigments and Analog Lab 5 install their resources on the SSD but the ASC doesn't seem to allow you to assign a resource location per plugin.  Instead it's all or nothing (to be clear I have Analog Lab 4 and 5, Pigments and the V Collection 9 - which has the afore mentioned in it BUT I purchased them prior so I also have them as separate lines).  I also have a bunch of Arturia FX.

If this is at all possible please let me know.  If it's not, Arturia, I'd love to suggest this as an improvement for the future.  Also, I'm still confused as to why it took up SO much room on my SSD to begin with.

Thank you everyone!


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