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Author Topic: Arturia Software Center Hates Me !!  (Read 667 times)


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Arturia Software Center Hates Me !!
« on: April 10, 2023, 03:25:10 am »
Literally every single time there is an update and I try to update or add a new plugin via ASC, they all stop working.. I am running a Mac with Mojave and my plugins are running on an external SSD. I own all but maybe 2 or 3 Arturia plugins and I rarely get to use any of them. Its getting to the point where I wish I never made the purchase in the first place.. These plugins have been more a headache than anything else, and tech support has never helped. I figured out how to fix the issue on my own but it is very tedious and time consuming. 

Every time ASC fails to update, which has been every time for almost a year now, I am forced to unplug my SSD and reinstall V Collection 9, FX Collection 2, Pigments, and the freebies I caught.  After waiting hours for all of that to install, now I am forced to move the location from my laptop to my external SSD which takes more hours.  I also have expansions and sound banks so after this is done, now I am forced to merge the old data from my SSD with the new to be able to even open past projects.  This is very disheartening!!

I am not a noobie or anything you can think of along those lines. I am actually a multi-platinum producer and I have a background in IT.  The support with Arturia has literally been the worst of any of my plugins.  When I have issues with Native Instruments, which is EXTREMELY RARE, the problem is resolved by tech support.  If there is an issue with my Akai plugins, Spectrasonics, Plugin Alliance plugins, Universal Audio, Pro Tools, FL Studio, etc, it is all resolved in a timely manner and I am made to feel that I can count on them but Arturia has been an extreme let down. 

I have been in LA struggling to stem files out in front of artists and engineers due to these exact issues with Arturia.  Please help and if this is a problem a lot of people are having lets up the tech support please.  I have keyboards from Arturia and everything. I can't keep reaching out to you all with no constructive help. This has cost me more money than any other tech issue of my entire career as a musician.  Please fix this, what is going on???


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