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Author Topic: Avoid Accidental Transport Start/Stops by having a setting to hold Shift  (Read 350 times)


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Seems like a trivial thing, but I find myself accidentally hitting the Stop/Start button for the sequencer when I'm playing, to the point that I'd be hesitant to use the MiniFreak in a live setting and accidentally kicking off a sequence when I don't mean to. Even after adjusting the touch-button sensitivity it's relatively easy to set off the sequencer when you're in the heat of the moment smacking on keys due to the transport's location and the fact that they're not click-in buttons, so I think it'd be useful if there was an option in settings that required you to hold Shift in conjunction with hitting the transport to make it start/stop. In that mode it could even display a message that you need to hold shift to make the transport go if you just try pressing the transport as you usually would.


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