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Author Topic: Keylab MKii controlling multiple instances of Analog Lab V in Analog Lab mode  (Read 463 times)

James McGill

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I'm Using a Keylab 88 MKii and several instances of Analog Lab V in Reaper. For example, MIDI channel 1 is routed to Reaper channel 1 and MIDI channel 2 is routed to Reaper channel 2. This works well.

However when the User channel is set to 2, the Analog Lab instance on Channel 2 plays as expected, but control messages are still sent to MIDI channel 1, which means the Analog Lab instance on Channel 1 responds to the control changes.

My understanding is that the Analog Lab mode on the controller is hardcoded to MIDI channel 1 for the set of control messages that Analog Lab responds to, even when note messages and some MIDI controls are sent to the User channel as expected.

Unfortunately this means a performer can't really play multiple instances of Analog Lab V on different MIDI channels, since only the instance on MIDI channel 1 will receive the knob and fader messages.

Does anyone in the community have a workaround for this? If the control channel really is hardcoded in the Analog Lab mode then I'm thinking about a Reaper-specific solution to control the Analog Lab channels via remapped messages through a virtual MIDI bus, as complicated as that might be.

This feels like a very poor design choice and something that should be fixable in a firmware update.


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