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Author Topic: Mixed up MIDI with the KeyLab mkii  (Read 393 times)


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Mixed up MIDI with the KeyLab mkii
« on: December 30, 2022, 02:16:53 am »
I'm having some trouble controlling my rig with my KeyLab mkii. The rig consists of these major parts:
  • KeyLab mkii (as my primary controller)
  • Elektron Digitone (as my brains/pads)
  • Arturia Drumbrute (for analogue drum goodness)
  • Behringer 2600 (general purpose lead)
  • Pedalboard with various MIDI pedals

Here's how it's connected:

KeyLab mkii -> Digitone MIDI IN

from there:

Digitone MIDI OUT -> Splitter -> Drumbrute, Pedalboard
With this port, I've been able to send START/STOP messages to the DrumBrute and PROG CH & CC messages to the pedalboard (NightSky and Ottobit Jr., for reference). These messages were sent by my Digitone. I haven't been able to get CC messages from my keyboard to my pedalboard (sending on/off or bypass, for example). I want to be able to map my keyboard faders, encoders and toggles to the pedalboard through the DN, but no such luck yet.

Digitone MIDI THRU -> Behringer 2600
I had to move the 2600 to the MIDI THRU because I couldn't get note messages on it otherwise. That's good, but it's not taking any note messages from the Digitone, which is a problem.

Stuff I can do that I want to do

  • Start / Stop from DN
  • Change Program from DN

  • Change Program from DN
  • CC messages from DN

  • Get notes from KeyLab

Stuff I can't do that I want to do

  • Sequence notes from DN
  • Start / Stop from KeyLab

  • Change Program from KeyLab
  • CC messages from KeyLab

  • Sequence notes from DN


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