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Author Topic: Annoying things with Arturia plugins in DAW.  (Read 465 times)


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Annoying things with Arturia plugins in DAW.
« on: November 21, 2022, 10:42:52 pm »

I'm on Windows 10.

There is some annoying things using Arturia plugins in Studio One.

In Studio One 6 audio Sidechain for Instrument plugins have been added.

But for Arturias instruments it only work for the VST3 version of Vocoder V and Korg-20 V.

The VST3 version of Arp-2600 V3 apparantly expose the Audio input to Studio One, but no audio is comming through.

Buchla V, Modular V3 and Mini V3 does'nt expose the inputs to - and thus activate the Sidechain in Studio One at all.

Also in Studio One it's not possible to have access to both the VST2 and VST3 versions of Arturias plugins.
And none of Artuias VST3 versions expose midi channels to Studio One, so it's in example not possible to play more than one manual on the B3V2 as you can't set different tracks where the plugin is set to be a sound source to different midi channels. No matter the midi channel the controller use, the output will allways be channel 1 to the plugin, and that can't be changed.

So to have full midi channel control you need VST2 in Studio One.
To use Audio Sidechain in Vocoder V you need VST3 in Studio One.
But you can't access both in Studio One. And i believe this is because Arturias VST2 and VST3 versios use the same ID, and the Studio One give VST3 priority.
As it's quite annoying to have to remove certain VST3 plugins from the install folder after each Arturia update, to have the VST2 version to show in Studio One.

I wonder if all this is something Arturia can and will deal with this annoying audio and midi issues and fix it? It would be nice to know to make my plans.


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