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Author Topic: Vibrato keeps returning!  (Read 2207 times)


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Vibrato keeps returning!
« on: August 21, 2022, 03:05:37 pm »
First post, so please forgive me if I have missed something stupid!

I have found a perfect CMI V patch for a song I'm rehearsing (Dirty Piano for the intro to Kate Bush's Get Out Of My House). However... I can't get rid of the vibrato, even though I've saved it in every way I can find with vibrato turned off.

If I open a MainStage 3 project, the patch is sometimes vibrato-free (not always) which I guess is a good sign! But indefinitely, if I switch to another patch and switch back, the vibrato is back, rendering the sound unusable. This happens whether my keyboard is connected of not, prompting me to assume that it's not a MIDI transmit issue.

Spent hours on this now - I'm pulling my hair out so would really appreciate some help.


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Re: Vibrato keeps returning!
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2022, 04:20:21 pm »

Do you have that vibrato issue, when you use the original "Dirty Piano" Factory preset when using CMI V in standalone mode?
When i choose that preset, then it has no Vibrato, unless it's added by ie increasing the Vibrato Depth Slider on the GUI on top of the GUI keyboard.
Increasing the Movement Macro also add movement.

But it has to be added. So i don't understand why you talk about removing the Vibrato. How excactly have you saved the preset you use? As a CMI V preset in CMI V or as a DAW preset of some kind?
And is it when you select the Original factory preset you have Vibrato in Mainstage? Unless messages is sent to CMI V, when you load the original preset, then you should not have vibrato.

Do you have the issue, if you open a new DAW project and load CMI V, and then select the original factory preset "Dirty Piano".

Are you sure Mainstage does'nt send out a midi CC that ie is set to control Vibrato Depth or the Movement Macro? CMI's default midi config have set midi CC#72 to control the Vibrato depth. I don't know about how mainstage work, but be sure no messages is sent to CMI V.

I can't see this how this should be a CMI V issue. I don't have that issue. It look like it's about messages from Mainstage, if it happens when your controller is'nt connected to your computer, when you open your DAW.


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Re: Vibrato keeps returning!
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2022, 10:11:56 am »
Thank you for the reply, LBH - what you suggest sounds logical. I'll investigate!


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