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Author Topic: How to open V1 Preset  (Read 2350 times)


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How to open V1 Preset
« on: August 11, 2019, 10:52:19 pm »
Hi Guys,
i'm trying to open an old project with v1 version.
Currently i own V-collection 5 and logic doesn't recognize the new version and the name of the preset...
Any sugg. ?


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Re: How to open V1 Preset
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2019, 11:39:30 pm »
Your old version is from VC4 or earlier. Applications from before VC5 has another ID and are not compatible with the new versions.
You need to have the old versions installed to have your DAW to automaticly recognize it in old excisting projects. They can be installed alongside the new versions.

If you wan't to use the new applications in old DAW projects, then you have to manually select the new applications in the individual projects. You will also have to select the presets manually.

You can't use presets from applications before VC5 in the applications from VC5 and up unless you update/ convert the old preset file format to the new, as a new preset browser system was introduced with VC5.
Here you can find info about the preset updater/ converter:
Unfortunately it look like the preset updater/ converter is'nt availble on the downoad page at the moment, so you'll have to contact Arturia support directly through your account about this.

Keep in mind, that you need to have both your new and old applications installed to use the preset updater/ converter.
Also keep in mind, that the old preset perhaps does'nt sound excactly the same when updated to the new versions. Especially Mini V presets that use Emphasis can sound very different as the filter was rebuild for VC5. But also presets from other applications might not sound excactly the same as in the old applications.
I have both the old and the new applications installed.
You can't convert the old factory presets unless you first save them as user presets. Most of the old factory presets are included in the new applications.

Also i can suggest you bounce you tracks to audio, when you have your sound. That's the best way to be sure to have the most equal sounding track no matter what's done with plug-ins from developer side. Things does change from time to time.

If you install your old applications you have all the options.

There are many posts about the new file formats and preset conversion/ updating in the forums.


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