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Author Topic: Minibrute SE  (Read 18329 times)


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Re: Minibrute SE
« Reply #30 on: June 26, 2014, 10:19:43 pm »
I just bought a Minibrute SE and I love it. Just wanted to say that. I love it. I'm not even sure how much I will use the sequencer that some of you have been banging on about although I would have NEVER used the arpeggiator. Surely the thing to concentrate on is the sound of the thing. It's properly analogue and nuanced in a way you just don't hear very often any more. I'm not going to add anything to the MB vs MBSE debate here other than to suggest that we focus on what's great about both of them. The sound.


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Re: Minibrute SE
« Reply #31 on: August 20, 2014, 02:33:25 pm »
Thank you Arturia for making me fall in love with my MinibruteSE, well your minbrute... last synth I bought was a Roland SH101 which I sold in 1990 for 50... silly boy, But I love this and hope to keep it for decades to come, had to get the SE, after a few weeks going through videos & reviews this was the best choice for me.

May I ask a question about the sequencer? I haven't got a proper drum-machine as yet to sync up with the MiniBrute as yet but I do have my old Boss DR-55 and via cv-gate in I'm able to fire the MiniBrute on each step with a single note but the sequencer doesn't play it's notes unless I hit a key, which is out of time/sync, I'm sure I'll get it in the end via that PC-app connection tool perhaps... or the DR-55 might be too unsophisticated to run the MiniBrute's sequencer, either way I'm hoping to get a Roland TR 606 and hope I could use the MiniBrute with that, anyway all good experimentation, thank you, wonderful machine.


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