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Author Topic: Adjust the volume/velocity of each track in drum kit  (Read 794 times)


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Adjust the volume/velocity of each track in drum kit
« on: April 26, 2019, 11:47:21 pm »
I have several outboard drum units, am particularly fond of the Roland SC55(mkii) that I have had since the earth cooled...

A couple of the really nice kits in this unit have some tracks that are hot...e.g. the TR-808 has a very hot snare, and also has a weak hi-hat. There is no faux-mixer functionality in the SC-55 other than <Part> level (this unit is organized at the top level by 16 parts, each part can be on any of 16 channels, but all the drum parts are channel 10).

I'm wondering if any of these thoughts are possible on the drum:

1. Is there some type of button combinations that lets you hold the PAD in question (e.g. the open HH) and twiddle an encoder to adjust the volume of all the steps that include the <open-HH>...and so on
2. Is there some way to adjust the default volume (nominally set to 100 for all tracks) by individual track? e.g. I could set the <open-HH> to 127, and all the other tracks to 80?
3. Some other trick that I haven't thought of???


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