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Author Topic: Ableton Live is changing the pitch of my beatstep pro  (Read 872 times)


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Ableton Live is changing the pitch of my beatstep pro
« on: November 25, 2018, 11:12:44 am »

been using the beatstep pro for over a year now, yesterday i finally find out i can change the 0V midi note that is send. at first i was really happy but when i wanted to record something in ableton the madness started.

the procedur is the following:

i set some notes in the beat step pro - they play normaly
once i launch live and set the sync on bsp to usb and then start the clock in ableton everything is pitched up really high
from then on i cant delete steps
when i press the record button and hit a pad the step sequencer is instantly filled up with steps that dont make a noise but cant be deleted
i canīt transpose the knobs anymore
also when i press record in ableton now the pitch gets even higher

this only happens when hooked up to live and has never ever happend before changing the 0v value
of course i hard reseted the bsp, reinstalled the midi center, reset everything to factory settings but it still doesnt work like before

basically i canīt make any music anymore the way i used to (bsp is clocked by ableton, bsp controlls drum maschine and modular, recording in ableton)

i just made this video doing the steps like i wrote them above so you have a visual

would be really happy about some help!!!


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