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Author Topic: Sequencer / Arp will not run when in slave mode?  (Read 3651 times)


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Sequencer / Arp will not run when in slave mode?
« on: October 10, 2018, 02:26:03 pm »

I just picked up the Keystep, and It's not working as it would in my utopian brain...
First off, I'm not very famniliar with hardware and syncing, so I might just be misunderstanding the information in the manual...

So I have an Electribe 2, it's the only piece of hardware I have so far other than MIDI controllers.
I've hooked op the Keystep to the E2 and they are communicating. If the Keystep is in Internal Mode, I'm able to program and play the sequencer / arp, use the Transport buttons and all that good stuff.
But, this also results in the Keystep being the Master Clock, and any tempo changes made on the Keystep affects the E2 pattern/playback.
If the Keystep is set to MIDI, Transport / Rate does not affect the E2, but the seq / arp won't play at all..

What I would like is for the step sequencer / arpeggiator to play independent of the Electribe 2, so that I can alter the Rate of the seq / arp without changing the E2 main tempo... Is this not possible?

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Re: Sequencer / Arp will not run when in slave mode?
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2018, 02:07:48 am »
No, it's not.  You need one of your machines to act as the master clock if you want them to play nicely together.  That machine will set the tempo and control the transport.  You can run them both on their internal clocks but without a tempo display on the Keystep you will have trouble matching their tempos.  Even if it did have a display, it's not often that two machines will have exactly the same timing.  It's odd that there isn't a MIDI processor that can divide and multiply MIDI tempo messages.  Maybe it's something to request iConnectivity add to their brilliant MIDI router/processors.
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