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Author Topic: Reporting a couple of things.  (Read 4743 times)


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Reporting a couple of things.
« on: September 29, 2018, 11:06:07 pm »
Any of the 9 drawbars for each manual have added a lower note between a B and a C note somewhere on the keyboard and all notes up from there.
The 16' at the highest octave.
The 8' and 5 1/3' an octave lower.
The 4' and 2 2/3' another octave lower.
The 2', 1 3/5' and 1 2/3' yet and octave lower.
The 1' at the lowest octave.
Play notes upwards from this split points.

I can't see this has anything to do with foldback.

You can hear this on a totally clean sound.


The Pedal drawbars is'nt clean 8' and 16'. Higher notes/ drawbars is added even on clean sounds.


Also i don't think the Drawbar leakage work like it should.
The manual say this:
"Drawbar Leakage lets you manually control the amount of each drawbar that leaks into the ones either side of it. Set to zero, there is no leakage."
But it actually simply add the same amount from all a manuals drawbars no matter which drawbar you have in use. It even does this when all drawbars is at zero, and only the the Drawbar leakage is turned up. The Drawbar Leakage only affect the volume of this sound.

All this should be fixed right away.
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