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Author Topic: Alternate Method for Modulating Modulations  (Read 1295 times)


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Alternate Method for Modulating Modulations
« on: July 02, 2018, 05:08:56 pm »
A feature I thought might be nice is an alternate way to modulate modulations in the Mod Matrix.  It'd be nice to not have to give up one of the 13-16 slots for something like controlling LFO2 depth scaled by Velocity/Modwheel, etc.

The workflow I was envisioning is:

- Select a square in the Mod Matrix which turns purple as usual. For example, square E1: LFO1 to VCO1 Pitch.
- Press and hold down square E1 and in the same column select K1(Velocity).  K1 becomes Red.
- By holding E1 + K1 you are now editing the amount K1 (Velocity) is affecting LFO1 amount to Pitch (E1).
- Pressing anywhere else on the grid removes the visibility of the red K1 square, and the blue E1 square is only visible.  The red K1 square only becomes visible again once E1 (the modulation target) is selected and becomes purple.

This would keep the visual workflow of the Matrixbrute and not have to sacrifice one of the precious assignable modulation slots.


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