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Author Topic: Help request: Minibrute 2s LFO1 -> ATT1 -> VCO2 pitch drags pitch down.  (Read 1805 times)


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I was playing around with VCO2 and I'm not sure quite how to use the LFOs to control its pitch.

First I tried to connect the LFO output directly to the Pitch 2 input. Of course this results in a constant full-scale effect cycling between very low to very high notes. So I realized I need an attenuator.

Next I tried LFO output to the Attenuator 1 input, Attenuator 1 output to Pitch 2. This results in a very low pitch even with attenuator 1 turned all the way down. It does not cycle when attenuator 1 is turned down, but it still affects the note and makes it sound very low.

What I expect to happen is that I can have the VCO pitch remain in its proper tuning and then add vibrato with attenuator 1.

Does anyone know how I might achieve this? Do I need to apply an offset somehow or to decouple something else that is affecting the pitch?


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I think I solved my own question, though I haven't been able to test it yet.

I think I found my answer in section 7.12.1 of the manual:

There's an important thing to keep in mind: the Attenuator knobs will still control what they
are pre-wired to control unless you interrupt the pre-wired connection. This is done by
plugging in one side of a patch cable to the appropriate input jack. You could also use a
"dummy" TS plug if you prefer to avoid cable clutter.

In practical terms using the same example, if you want to control the output of LFO 2 into
the Pitch 2 input:

Att 1 > Cutoff will control both the output level of LFO 2 and the Filter cutoff at
the same time unless you plug something into the Cutoff input jack in the FILTER
section of the patch bay.

Att 2 > Amp will control the output level of LFO 2 and raise the minimum audio
output level of the Amplifier unless you plug something into the Amp input jack
in the AMP section of the patch bay.

So I think when I'm trying to use attenuator 1 without plugging a dummy connection into the cutoff input, when I scale back the attenuator I am also lowering the cutoff frequecy so I am only hearing low frequency components of the sound. It doesn't actually sound like a filter sweep to my ears, but maybe that's because it's also interacting with the LFO in a manner I was not expecting to hear.

Likewise, I had tried briefly with attenuator 2, and it was not responding as I expected, but perhaps in a different way due to the increase in minimum output threshold.

I'll have to play with this some more but I'm certain I'll have better luck with plugging a cord into the filter cutoff or amp input.


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