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Author Topic: Newbie: How to actually combine Arturia's Preamps and Arturia's compressors  (Read 4054 times)


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Hi. I guess this is a typical newbie's question. I own Arturia's Preamps and Compressors collections. I would like to know how you guys would combine and use them when, for instance, recording vocals from a microphone... what I mean is:
a) Would you use the plug-ins on already-recorded vocals, or would you rather set them as input FXs so that the result would be "printed" in the track? Would any of the two methods give better results than the other?
b) In either of the cases above: would you set the Preamp FX before the Compressor, or the other way around?

That's it. Thank you guys in advance. Looking forward to your replies.


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Re: Newbie: How to actually combine Arturia's Preamps and Arturia's compressors
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2019, 09:01:13 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

As i see it, then you can record your audio without the coloring from the plug-in. I assume you get the same result no matter you record it with the coloring by by the plugin or not, as i assume you can't put the plug-in between your mic and your DAWs audio input, but only as a effect for the audio track, just as when the audio is recorded by it self. Having the clean recording will allways give you a clean source for any effects, and you can allways bounce it to another track with any effectyou wish and add it again after that, if you wish.

In generel i'd say - do what you find sound best. Sometimes perhaps it's one way around and another time the other. I suggest you exsperiment with it all. There is no right or wrong, except it's right when it sounds right.

Perhaps others have other opinions.

Also you can in example find many articles on the web that somehow is in the same direction.  Like articles about EQ , compressor order. An example like this: https://online.berklee.edu/takenote/eq-before-or-after-compression/
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