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Author Topic: Help mapping pads in Ableton Live Lite 9!!  (Read 3274 times)


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Help mapping pads in Ableton Live Lite 9!!
« on: March 01, 2018, 12:42:33 am »
Hey guys,
I am an absolute beginner when it comes to Ableton live and midi in general, so forgive me if I use terminology incorrectly. I just got an Arturia MiniLab and downloaded all the related software from the Arturia website. In the Midi control center, the pads are mapped to midi notes. In Analog Lab 3, these pads play these notes just fine. However, when I use Ableton live lite 9, the pads control slot recordings and and overdub recordings instead of the notes I assigned them to in the Midi Control Center. The keyboard and knobs are mapped perfectly though. I have tinkered around with the options in the preferences menu to no avail. I have also moved the live script that I downloaded on Arturia’s website to my Ableton remote user script folder. So my question is, how do I make my pads control midi notes (C1, D1, etc.) instead of recording functions in Ableton Live Lite 9?
Thanks in advance!

p.s. I want to use them to control the drumrack, if that helps.


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