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Author Topic: "MINIBRUTE CONNECTION" software gone, "MIDI CONTROL CENTER" lacks "Hold" control  (Read 4284 times)


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Hello. Several sources online such as this manual on arturia.com reference a piece of software called "Minibrute Connection"


It supposedly looks like this [see attachment 1]

And the manual describes it as having a feature called "arpeggiator hold" [see attachment 2] which lets you arpeggiate in the order that keys were pressed. I was very excited about this feature.

I do not find the "Minibrute Connection" software on the Arturia website at the address that old forum posts claim it to be at. Instead, there is a piece of software called "MIDI Control Center". This is okay (it is too bad though because the MIDI control center UI is less pretty!). BUT, Midi Control Center does NOT have the "Arpeggiator Hold" switch! [see attachment 3]. Every other button from "Minibrute connection" is there but not "Arpeggiator Hold".

How can I turn on Arpeggiator Hold?

I am on Mac OS X 10.12.6 (16G29) and I have upgraded to the newest arturia firmware.


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To set your MiniBrute to Arp hold mode without using Brute Connect or MCC, send a MIDI CC117 message of any number between 64 and 127.  All the functions addressable using the old Brute Connection software can be address using MIDI CC's.  Check the chart towards the end of the Brute Connection guide.
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