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Author Topic: No midi edit button in analog lab 3?  (Read 3094 times)


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No midi edit button in analog lab 3?
« on: December 06, 2017, 10:57:24 am »
Hi all. First off: the truth. I have both minilab and minilab mkII licenses(sold the old minilab, kept the license). My minilab license says i have analog lab 3 alongside the old analog lab. My minilab mkII license says i have analog lab lite. So last night, installed analog lab 3(avoided clickling the lite very carefully) After installing the software and clicking the .exe (i made sure it didn't say lite or anything on it) It said something like 6400 presets on the ui (Which makes it clear it's not the lite version. It's the full blown version)

The thing is, with my minilab mkII connected, i cannot edit midi functions?!?!?! the din symbol button that appears on top right corner is not there. Did two uninstall and re-installs, started ccleaner 4 times. Rebooted my pc twice, checked the midi control center a lot and nope. It doesn't appear at all. I can't reassign midi on my minilab mkII... :(

Did the software center accidentally install the analog lab lite? If so, how can i deactivate a license on my pc? I don't want a program where i can't edit midi functions man :(

Edit: Hold up hold up hold the f*** up! I looked up the manual and it says i can't edit midi unless i choose "default controller" at the bottom section. Why does arturia prevent me from editing midi out of the box... I wouldn't go through all that trouble if i knew this... At work now but will check it out later when i go home. Did anyone here who faced this problem solved it via choosing "default controller"?
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