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Author Topic: Analog Lab 2 versus individual instances of a synth (any difference in sound?)  (Read 3046 times)


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Just curious...
I am very new to the Arturia stuff (I just purchased V Collection 5). 
My question is:
If I call up individual synth sounds within in Analog Lab (say for example, a Matrix 12 sound)...
Does the sound in Analog Lab sound the same (i.e. identical) to the same sound as if I was using Matrix 12 in stand alone version?

Reason I ask is at one time, I bought the smaller mini-keys keyboard that came with some software (Keylab or something like that)...but the sounds on that were kind of thin compared to what I have now.  So my question is...am I better off using (for live performance) Analog Lab, or should I call up each synth individually?.  I am just not yet certain the sound quality is the same when calling a synth from Analog Lab versus the individual stand-alone versions of the same synth.
Your thoughts?
Thanks in advance.


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To me there are differences. On some sounds more than others. And on some applications more than others.

The sounds in generel is louder in analog Lab. That's not so good. It should be the same.

Analog Lab do have it's own synth processors. And apparantly they are used even when you have the full applications. That's not so good if the sound actually are different. And i don't know if this is how it should work. At least when you have the full applications you should exspect to be certain to have the same sound in Analog Lab as in the full individual application.

For Matrix 12 V2 i don't think there are sound differences, but i have'nt tried so many sounds. Also Matrix 12 beside a Analog Lab processor also have a Engine. Don't know if that make a difference.

Also i for example don't know if it make a difference what version of Analog Lab you have.

But i'd like Arturia to inform about this, as i don't know how all this is and works?


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