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Author Topic: MatrixBrute BBD fx (sound clip)  (Read 2652 times)


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MatrixBrute BBD fx (sound clip)
« on: February 25, 2017, 08:30:35 pm »
The forum title says "media", so maybe it is ok to post here a sound demo too?

It seems that there is some confusion about the MatrixBrute BBD fx and why did Arturia not give the synth a digital fx processor. IMO going with the analog BBDs was the right choice. Of course, the fx are more limited and you can have only 1 at a time, but boy do those real analog fx sound cool! So, I made a quick recording of all the different MatrixBrute BBD fx using one of my custom sound programs, the MatrixBrute sequencer playing a pattern. The sound has 3 oscillators and uses both filters in parallel. The ladder filter is in LP mode with resonance and the Steiner filter gives boost to lower frequencies in BP mode with some drive.

I first start with the dry signal, then go through all fx one by one tweaking the parameters, often visit fully wet signal too and go between mono and stereo with the width knob. The chorus is interesting and really sensitive to the parameter values. Depending on the knob positions, it can sound anything between delays, chorus and flanger. The reverb is short and somehow reminds me of a spring reverb. I marked in the SoundCloud waveform when the fx changes.

Link: https://soundcloud.com/f5d/matrixbrute-bbd-fx 

IMO, these FX are just brilliant, lo-fi analog madness! 8) Couple these with a high quality digital fx unit, if you need to have more. Combining an analog delay or chorus with a digital reverb is always better than having all fx digital. However, the MatrixBrute fx are already enough in many circumstances, and do not necessarily need anything extra in a complete mix. Adding a reverb to every track is not always vice.  ;)

Edit. Actually, Arturia, please sell the BBD section of the MatrixBrute as a 1u rack fx "processor", with two stereo fx units or possibility of using chorus/flanger with the stereo delay / reverb at the same time, mono in -> stereo out, and I will buy one.
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