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Author Topic: Arturia Software Center can't be resized, and is part-way off screen downward  (Read 1229 times)


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Hey, first world issue for sure, but thought I'd post and see if anyone else has this issue.

Windows 10.

The ASC window (at the moment?) can't be resized from the top or sides, and the bottom edge is off-screen downward. "Full-screen" button next to the X and minimize buttons at top right is grayed out. So...no way to see the lower portion of the list of apps, and no way to resize the window. Anyone else?



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Same on the Mac version - I think - but what screen resolution are you running for it to be so low that the bottom of the window still isn't visible if you drag the the top of the window to to the top of your screen?
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Running on 4k monitor. Plenty of resolution. Even with top of window dragged to top of screen, ASC window is way larger off the bottom edge of my screen, and no way to resize it. Any help, admins?
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Jay Lucasq

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I have the exact same problem on the latest MACOS with a 3440x1440 screen


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