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Author Topic: Newbie here. Any Keylab 49 usage tutorials? Desperately needing your help...  (Read 2649 times)


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Hello other keylab users.

I am very new to the MIDI world, and it's quite a challenge learning the Keylab, and understanding MIDI at the same time.

I'm looking for any tutorials similar to Lynda's tutorial types (Ex: Up and Running with Bitwig Studio). Or if you guys have any youtube channels that have keylab tutorials.

There are only 3 keylab tutorials on the offical ARTURIA youtube channel, and it's very insufficient.

I am a bit frustrated already, as I cannot use this wonderful keyboard, maximizing its full potential - I'm even thinking of returning it, and get a different keyboard instead (as I see tonnes of Akai MPK 49 101/basic to advance usage tutorials).

Please help. Thank you very much.


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Hi Lighting

If you expose your problems in a more concrete way, maybe the community could help you?

- What daw/software are you using with your key lab?
- What tasks are you trying to accomplish?
- What problems do you find?

I've been using midi for 24 years and this midi controller is really good and the software is amazing, there are beyond my favorite plugins :D



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Hello hecthehec,

Sorry for being very vague.

I'm looking for any material, or any tips, that can help me use the keylab - an Arturia Keylab 101 tutorials, or Arturia Keylab for Dummies, if you will.

For example:
- How do I switch between different sounds (ie: between clean and distorted guitar) in a click of a button while performing live? In Ableton, or Bitwig perhaps...
- How do I separate  the pads and the keys?
- How can I make the pads trigger sound clips I created? (Ableton or Bitwig)

And more importantly, the manual is a bit technical for me - full of jargons, without explanations. I need a simpler explanations for the keylab functions, such as:
- What are Bank 1, or Bank 2, and what do they do?
- What do the other buttons do?

And to answer your questions:
- I am using Ableton, and Bitwig.
- I am trying to create rock tracks, and ambient music
- I do not understand the terms (jargons) of the keylab manual - making it difficult for me to understand music production using keylab in DAW's.

I hope this explains my predicament a bit. Any help is appreciated, and thank you very much!


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I know it's been well over a year since you posted this Lightning, but I just wanted to say that I am in exactly the same boat as you are sir!  I have been able to use the MIDI Control Center software and this helps with most things.  However, I would like to be able to make these sorts of changes manually on the board rather than going through it every time.  It took me a lot of digging to simply figure out that the Value / Preset knob is also the "enter" button after you make a setting!  The manual (at least from what I could find) does not indicate this simple yet very necessary command.

If you are still on here, did you find any better tutorials?  Please let me know if you did.  This video is the best one that I've found yet, but it still does not fully answer my questions.





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