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Author Topic: 'Save As' drop-downs list Banks and Types that don't exist in the plugin.  (Read 1287 times)


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In standalone mode and as a plugin, on mac, when I 'Save As', the drop-downs for Bank and Type display items that do not exist in the plugin.
I assume they are bank and type values from other plugins.

I don't know if this is a bug or it is intended, but it's quickly become confusing when saving a patch now that I have many Arturia instruments.

e.g. SEM  browser says there are 3 banks and when I save a preset I am offered 13 banks -- from other instruments.
Same for 'type'. I now have 'Pads', 'Pad', 'pad', 'pads' 'PAD' offered to me, and 6 different versions of my username for 'Bank'. Which do I choose?

I would assume the Banks and Types displayed in the drop-down should match the Banks and Types listed in the Preset Browser of that plugin.
cheers jeff
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I don't think it's a bug as such, as Analog Lab show all created banks from all applications. But i wonder if this behavior is thought through. It is definetely somthings that one need to think about when creating banks if things bahaves as it's supposed to.
If you create to many banks in the different applications, then Analog lab will be filled with Bank names under "Banks" attributes.

Seen in this light, it make sense, that you in the individual applications can select Bank names from other applications when you save a preset, to help you reduce the total number of banknames shown in Analog Labs "Banks" attributes.

But this system do make it hard or perhaps even impossible to use Banknames in a application to organize your sounds in a more detailed way.
In a way it's perhaps best if you can find some common banknames to use throughout the applications, as long as the system works like it do now. At least is you don't wan't Analog Lab and dropdownlist  and Banks attributes in the individual applications to be flooded with banknames.

Additional issue: I also a few times have exsperienced banks from other applications show up under the "Banks" attributes in another application. Re-opening the application correct this. But this must be a bug. If it can be found it should be corrected. It show a unstabilty in the way this system work.

I'm on Windows 10.


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After some more thinking about preset management in VC5, i would say that if and when it works it's very powerful.

There are especially one thing i wish was possible though, and that is the possibilty as an option by choice to make searches in the text in the "Comments" attribute.

This and the allready existing possiblities to add Bank, Type, and Characteristica attributes and the sort functions actually make the preset mangement very powerful - yes the most powerful i know of as you also can edit atrributes for multiple presets at the same time etc...

This is good about VC5 Arturia.  I just need to learn to use the preset management system to take most advantage of the system i think.

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