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Author Topic: MIDI Mapping Issue/Assistance  (Read 1662 times)


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MIDI Mapping Issue/Assistance
« on: June 17, 2016, 02:55:44 am »

I am running my DJTT Midi Fighter TWISTER and having a minor issue when mapping. The Twister has 4 banks (pages) that can be changed using the side buttons (channel 3) and the the 16 rotary dials are on channel 0 and encoders on channel 2. I can map the modular V to the encoders across the 4 different banks and they work; however, it is when pressing the CH 3 buttons shifting from say bank 1 to bank 2 that top banner for arturia presents changes from blank to 'arturia' and all the settings are changed. It seems as if only 1 bank (16 knobs) can be mapped, but upon export and examination of the midi config file, i see nothing assigned to CH3 and so I it curious why any button on Ch3 would be recognized and affect operation.

any help would be appreciated. my goal is to map the modular v dials across all 4 banks (16 rotary encoders x 4).


Realize some CC are hard coded and explains later issue.

Bigger issue is bank 2 irrespective of what buttons i code to get me there somehow triggers a preset which isn't so great. I found a work around in the stand-alone mode to switch midi to only recognize CH 1 but then it limits all the encoder buttons. This work around only works in stand-alone mode. it does not work for the VST in maschine 2.4.


thanks in advance!
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