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Author Topic: "real" SEM use with another (soft) synth  (Read 3977 times)


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"real" SEM use with another (soft) synth
« on: January 03, 2016, 04:12:18 pm »
I'm new to Arturia and am just fiddling about with the various synths. What struck me odd is that many of the VST instruments accept input just like the real hardware, but SEM V doesn't. This is exceptionally odd as the original hardware was mainly intended to be used with another synth.

Originally the SEM had two inputs which could be used either as modulators for the VCOs or as input fed to the VCF (only one at any given time such as it in plugin with the EXT knob). I'd love to see that feature in the software recreation. So I can hook up Arturia's Mini V (etc) to SEM V just as I would have been able to do in real life.


PS: I wonder about the modulation input. Was it meant to accept the output of an LFO? If yes, which synth had one.


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