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Author Topic: Can't authorize on MacBook Pro, dongle is ignored  (Read 3827 times)


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Can't authorize on MacBook Pro, dongle is ignored
« on: November 26, 2015, 05:19:16 am »
I've had four of the older Arturia synths for ages: Modular, Mini, CS80V, and Arp. I also have Brass but it looks like that's been abandoned, so for now I'm concentrating on the four analogs.

I have a Syncrosoft key containing licenses for all five Arturia synths. When I run eLicenser Control Center (latest version) I can see those licenses and several for non-Arturia software. This happens whether I run eLC on my Windows 8 machine or the MacBook Pro.

On Windows I'm able to run the Arturia software without problems. However, on the Mac I'm not able to use any of them because they're not activated. The Arturia software center shows them all as being in demo mode whether the dongle is attached or removed. When I click "Activate All" in ASC, an error message appears: "Licenses activation failed". I know the dongle is in place and being recognized when I run ASC because eLC is still running and eLC displays all the activations.

What needs to be done to get these plug-ins working on the Mac? I'd very much like to be able to work away from the studio.


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