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Author Topic: Setting Encoder/Button/Pad values with MIDI  (Read 1777 times)


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Setting Encoder/Button/Pad values with MIDI
« on: September 24, 2015, 09:12:51 pm »
I am using Renoise, which contains a tool called Duplex to map midi-controllers. One feature of Duplex is to keep values in Renoise and values on the controllers in sync by sending midi cc or sysex messages when they change. By default it just sends out the value on the same midi cc id that the controls are mapped to. With the BeatStep Pro this doesn't work. Turning the encoder#1 for example sends cc#16 values on channel 1, but sending cc#16 values on channel 1 back to the BSP does not change the internal value, causing a "jump" when turning the encoder on the device again.

So the my questions are:
- Can I set the "internal" values of encoders, buttons or pads to "follow" the configured cc id?
- Can I send a sysex message to set the value of an encoder, button or pad?
- Can I send a sysex message to set the LED state of a button or pad

If the answers are no, please add, if this is theoretically possible, but not supported/documented, if it is planned for future firmware upfades or if it is a "not ever" kind of thing.

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