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Author Topic: Editing and Storing Different Pad Values  (Read 2768 times)


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Editing and Storing Different Pad Values
« on: April 25, 2015, 02:51:11 pm »
 Thought I'd share a saved note, (don't do this every day and my memory is almost full).
Was having a problem with the Midi Controk Center until I realizd jt only displays the current Memory #.
Might save someone a little grief.




-Open MIDI Control Center.
-Click on a pad to highlight.
-In the Mode box, select MIDI Note
-In the note box select desired note value.
-Do this for each pad.
-In TEMPLATES list, Save As... name and save the template.
 (Not necessary but nice to have, saved me a few times)
-Select the template.
-In Memories list select a memory #.
-Store to Beatstep memory # (pad #).
-Recall the memory # to double check.
-Do this for each memory # needed.


-Open MIDI Control Center.
-Click on a pad to highlight.
-In the mode box select switched control
-In the CC Number box select a value.
 (Careful not to use a number that another controller is using) 
-Do this for each pad needed.
-Select a Memory # from the Memories list then store to that location.
-On the Beatstep use the recall button to select the memory # (pad #).


I currently use this to control 8 different overlaping octaves 2 different ways.

Regards, Allnight.

P.S. Looks like the encoders can be done the same way, although I havn't really played with this yet.
      A bank of 16 preset knobs, cool. Love controllers.


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