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Author Topic: Half Baked Idea To Display Transposition  (Read 1668 times)


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Half Baked Idea To Display Transposition
« on: September 03, 2014, 11:44:58 am »
Loving my BeatStep. One thing that can be hard to track is where you're at when transposing (or transposed) if you're not looking at some sort of softsynth with notes visualized.

I was dreaming that while turning the transpose knob (and only while), the steps could light up to tell you how much you've transposed by, using color to distinguish upward or downward transposition:

No lights = Root note in the preset

+1 through +16 semi-tones, each step lights red (one at a time or cumulative)

After 16 it could:
    a) loop around (you likely already know if you're up 17 half tones)
    b) light another button like 'Chan' or 'Store'
    c) do the opposite of the first 16 (if first 16 is cumulative, the last 8 are single lights)

For downward transposition, same as above but blue.

Short of all that, would be handy if there was at least an indication (pad flash?) for when you get back to the root note for the preset.

Like the title says, half baked. I reckon the Arturia team have already thought of and collected more interesting/pressing things to do but thought I'd wish it out loud.


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