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Author Topic: Channel Change MAJOR Suggestions  (Read 1826 times)


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Channel Change MAJOR Suggestions
« on: June 25, 2014, 10:23:31 pm »
I've owned a BeatStep for a couple days now, and I love it!  But it has become apparent to me that there are a couple major features missing that would make this HUGELY relevant in today's production and DJ environment.  I have this image in my head of a PERFECT BeatStep firmware update, but am still working out the details.  I think it would address just about everyone's concerns with this already well-designed controller (BTW, kudos to the developers on the recent update.  I updated mine the day after I got it, and it took care of several things I had noticed that first day. Great work!).  But until I can get that all together in my mind and share it, here's the first couple major features that are missing.

There should be two global channels: Global 1 and Global 2.  One for the controller mode, and one for the step sequencer.  This way, one could sequence a synth, switch to Control mode, and play drums with it.  Via the MIDI Control Center, you could link them, so the BeatStep would function as it currently does.  But the option to switch that would be fabulous.

The biggest suggestion of mine right now is that, in both CNTRL and SEQ modes, when the MIDI channel is changed, the state of all the controls in that channel is recalled when you switch back.

In CNTRL mode, that would mean that if I turned the encoders while on Channel 1, then switched to Channel 2 and turned them differently, then returned to Channel 1, the encoders would be at the same values I left them at.  This would be very handy in my DJ setup, where on channel 1 the knobs control volume, EQ, pitch, key tuning, filters, etc., and in Channel 4, they control FX parameters.  Right now, if I turn down the Dry/Wet level on Deck 2, then go back to Channel 1 and turn the EQ High Band (Same control, different channel), the EQ knob jumps down to zero, or whatever level I left the Dry/Wet at.  If the value at which I had left the knob in Channel 1 were recalled when I switched back, that would make the channels essentially different "pages" of the BeatStep - invaluable to any producer or DJ.

In SEQ mode, this would mean that if I wrote a sequence in channel 1, then wrote a different sequence in channel 2, switching back to channel 1 would recall the original sequence.  That alone wouldn't be much good, as it would be essentially the same as the store and recall functions.  But if I were able to play BOTH SEQUENCES SIMULTANEOUSLY, suddenly you have a very, very powerful sequencer.  I could, in a DJ environment, sequence a Kick, Clap, Snare, and Hi Hat on four different channels, adding beats to any track.

I really do love this controller, though.  Keep up the great work, Arturia!




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