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Author Topic: Spark workflow  (Read 1863 times)


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Spark workflow
« on: July 23, 2012, 03:40:24 pm »
Hi all

Wanted to share a workflow with Spark that I would like to achieve, Kevin if you are around can you have a look and comment on if this is possible. Taking into account what we know about RTAS and Spark. 

So i posted a thread on multi outs here

I would like to record a performance with automation in with Spark running under RTAS, then set Spark up in the DAW in order to send out 16 tracks of individual outputs to Audio channels in pro tools.

I know how to automate and record audio in the DAW but what is missing is the ability to show all automation and pattern changes across 16 multiple outs.

Ideally you would set up a song in your DAW, add Spark onto an instrument track, record your performance with all automation and pattern changes. Once you are happy with your performance you would then set up Spark in Multi out mode and 'Print' to audio, meaning that all track information would come over into the DAW as individual tracks giving you a multi track version of your performance where you could then add individual mix tweaks in the DAW. This would include all slicer detail, filter automation and knob tweaks.

By adding this thread and the below 2 threads together, you can see where this would lead


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