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64 bit
« on: May 05, 2012, 07:39:26 pm »
64 bit would be nice ... like this ALot...
another thing what would be nice :

a posibility to save the current state of the knobs in scene mode... it's not possible yet..neither as vst-preset, nor as an arturia preset... would make live so much better ;-)

also i'm interested if it's possible to swap presets between solo instrument made ones (for example an arp preset) and with AL made ( also arp) ??

another thing is, if i use the cs-80 inside the AL i cant synconize LFO Modulation as i just can tweak the SubOSC through AL... if i open the cs 80 from AL.. there is no chance to assign a working midiconnection to LFO 1 or LFO 2, because its running through AL.. when i want tu use the wheel or ribbon now, to get around this problem, the crazy thing is, its not spossible to modulate LFO 1 or LFO 2 via the Matrix if MIDI-sync is on..just if turned off...

would be nice to have a possibilty to tweak the CS-80 LFO 1 or 2 through AL, cause i dont want to use it standalone ...AL is way cooler ;-)... (for example, just make a patch where the LFOs are assigned to paramm 1 .. or 4 on the AL GUI)

kind regards

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