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Author Topic: Control over parameters: possible through VST plugin?  (Read 2688 times)


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Control over parameters: possible through VST plugin?
« on: December 18, 2003, 02:12:32 am »
Hello again- I've a question that is probably pretty simple. I've been doing electronic musics for a good 5 years- though I've been on a hiatus for the last few. I am very ignorant of the modern world MIDI; back when I worked a ton on making music, it was always using a tracker- ScreamTracker, FastTracker ][ and then PlayerPro on the Mac.

Installing CS-80V, I see that you can install a VST, DXI, or other plugins for other APIs.  How much control can you get over the the CS-80V's parameters through the plugin?  Do you have to tweak all the knobs and sliders in the app or a subwindow?  Or can I set these settings as MIDI paramets or the like?

Sorry for the total newbie question, but I'm trying to figure out how I can use the CS-80V software in my music makings.  I'm thinking of writing some custom software to use the VST or one of the other plugins to for sequencing and control of all of the parameters on the synth.




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