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Author Topic: my 2 cents euros  (Read 4556 times)


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my 2 cents euros
« on: October 27, 2003, 09:21:33 am »
Hi all
I downloaded the demo and I shared a tear of joy when the panel layout of my first love displayed on the screen....anyway I must push you guys at Arturia to make your things better than the best
I'm not the man who claims for purism in the virtual recreation of the past analogue synthesizers and I'm not going to be motiveless criticist  but *this* machine is very very special in the world of polysynths.Why?
Most of the more loving users of the old thing say that cs80 forced them to be creative because of the limited preset avaliability(Garth Hudson on all)-(anyway we can pass through this 'cause you can't  access the panel with your own fingers but the one that moves mouse :wink: ).
The vcos where sensitive to weather and climate and the result was the microfloating of their tune-even with perfect tuning-which is SO important to have those ever changing ,flanging beats when the two channels are layered(think Vangelis's NOT quite the same sound!)
The ribbon controller was the most spectacular and expressive device I've ever played,and it was fantastic because you could apply to ,e.g. a string pad an infinite down glissando,which may sound somewhat near to what real orchestras can do when playing,and it was zero-relative,so you player,when in the middle of a flaming solo ,were free to think where the "right" point to bend was-being scared to put the finger slightly out the zero limit then producing unwanted "scales":all you had to do was,thankgod ,think to music finally....
Coming up to CS80v
What I can say is that I would have joyfully gave up   the matrix modulation and the multitimbrality and.....the rotating fans, to get some no-retrigged vcos and a "realistic" ribbon action(oh,its smoooothy velvet surface :cry: !!),the rest I think it sounds closely enough to cs80...Xavier,if you can read me what  balance could have been in terms of cpu heave to leave the novelties and to make the cs80v a little nearer to the original?


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my 2 cents euros
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2003, 01:43:39 pm »
Hello Max,

About the ribbon controller, see the following thread:

About the oscillator, I know that no retrigg oscillators is one of the major feature that all real vintage synthesizer owner want. As I said in one of KVR thread, it is very difficult to manage this on polyphonic system because of the CPU. I could do it and leave the user choose the number of voices which fit with its system, but it is not easy to understand for those who are not expert.

I could add a special switch to set the oscillators in a no retrigg mode (As I will do for the MMV in monophonic). This feature could be add in further release of CS-80V.



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my 2 cents euros
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2003, 11:14:04 pm »
Hi Xavier and thanks for your words,I'm looking forward anything that can push this yet work of art into a real masterpiece


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