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Author Topic: Keylab 49/91 velocity/aftertouch settings demystified  (Read 5142 times)


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Keylab 49/91 velocity/aftertouch settings demystified
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:33:41 pm »
I have seen several threads here on the subject: Where do we find a chart/info on the different velocity- and aftertouch settings in the edit/global and edit/curves and how they will affect the way the keys respond.
I had the same question myself and got these answers seen below form Pierre-Antoine/Arturia.
The short answer is in fact you can't modify the curves.

>I can't find any info in the manual or on your forums about velocity- and aftertouch-curves on the Keylab 49. I have tried to set different curves on the unit I have for both velocity and aftertouch, but there does not seem to be only little if any difference between the settings.
>Can you provide some info about the curves?
>Best regards, Frits

Hi Frits,

unfortunately there is no way you can edit or modify the curves of velocity on your keylab. They are defined during the machining.

Feel free to come back to me if still any problem or misunderstanding.
Yours cordially,


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Hi again

Thanks for responding so fast.

Iím a bit confused with your answer :-). As english is not my native language I might not have expressed myself clearly or I simply misunderstood something in the Keylabís edit-menus.

If you enter the edit/global-settings you get a choice of selecting one of these values for aftertouch: 1-16, P1, P2 and All.
In the edit/curve settings you get a choice of values 1-10 for both aftertouch and velocity.
What I wanted to know is how these different values are supposed to affect the keyboardís behavior, as I donít hear/feel any difference between the settings?

Regards, Frits


Those are channels, it doesn't affect the sound! It's on your Daw or on Analog Lab that this settings would make sense. Like if you want to split your keys in channels for example.

--Best oscillations,

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Hope this clear things up on this subject.

By the way, - I got the answers to my questions from Arturia within 15 minutes after asking them. Just to say Arturia support is not always absent and non existent :-)

Real Soon

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Re: Keylab 49/91 velocity/aftertouch settings demystified
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 07:15:24 pm »
Hi bluefonia,

Thanks for looking into that for us. I have to say, I'm still kind of murky on it, as the settings sure look like they would affect the software curves for velocity and aftertouch. I wonder if Pierre-Antoine wasn't referring to some very specific settings when he said that they'd be used for something like splitting channels. At first, it looks like he thought you were asking about the weighted response curve of the keys (being able to change that would be incredible!), so it could be there was a bit of a communication barrier on his end as well.

This is good info for our advisement nonetheless, and I'm glad to see a customer service experience much better than some of the reports I've seen.


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