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Author Topic: Using Minilab as a controller  (Read 7105 times)


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Using Minilab as a controller
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:14:35 pm »
Hi I'm creating a mapping on the controller for the Korg M1 VST in Cubase 7. I'm creating it in memory slot 8 on the minilab
A few things I've noticed and a couple of questions

Setting the pots to absolute works all the time - as it says in the manual
Unfortunately every time i click a controller in midi controller software the VST instrument interface disappears. this means having to launch its interface again for every new controller assignment - a tad annoying. I'm not sure whether this is a fault of cubase or the midi lab software. An 'always on top' option in either the VST interface or the midi lab software would sort this one

I can't seem to make some assignments work. clicking on the VST controller and then the midi lab controller software seems to work on obvious things like cutoff and resonance but things that do not have a natural assingment. eg effect wet/dry on the M1 to param1 on the midilab software seem to result in no action. Anyone got any ideas?

When I save a configuration to my hard disk can I save a preset for all 8 pads at the same time or is it just saving the one configuration that I have assigned to memory slot 8? For instance can I set up the monopoly on memory slot 7 and the wavestation on memory slot six and save and restore them all at the same time from the hard disk?

All suggestions/answers gratefully received.

Once I have completed the assignment and saved the Cubase project I get no crashes. If I don't save my cubase project I am getting odd crashes.

I think this new controller is full of possibilities and with further software development and help from us its going to be the best travelling companion to any musician so lets get behind the coders at arturia and make this thing happen!    :D ;D


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Re: Using Minilab as a controller
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2013, 02:11:21 am »
..........Please stand by!



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Re: Using Minilab as a controller
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2013, 04:47:50 pm »
hi to assign controllers  it's using Mcc software , so to assign ANY available controller (no sysex ) just take default controllers that are used by the M1 software , write them down , and then use them to assign to pots in the Mcc software , don't try to have your daw and Mcc software open at the sametime , thats not a good idea ,   also when you dumped the map in one of the
available flashslots of the minilab (1-8) don't forget before trying to use that snapshot in your daw that you FIRST switch one time
to another snapshot and back to the one you just dumped because i NOTICED that if you just start your daw after a dump
and try to control the vsti with the CC's you just entered using the pots they WON'T react or your cc value jumps to 0 and won't move , to avoid this just switch 1 time to another snapshot and back and the pot will react
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