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Author Topic: The Laboratory (49) + ARP 2600 V2 + MiniMg V + no dongle: how do I activate?  (Read 4290 times)


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Greetings, folks

I'm new to this world of controllers and stuff, as you can see. Let me report my issue:

I recently bought my Arturia Analog Experience - The Laboratory (49) with a DVD that came with:

- Analog Laboratory software
- The Laboratory MIDI Control Center
- Arturia ARP2600 V2
- Arturia MiniMg V
- No dongle

AL is working fine with latest version of Logic Pro. So is the MIDI Control Center. However, when it comes to full plugins, I can't use my ARP2600 V2 nor MiniMg V. When I try to load one of these in standalone mode, I get this message:

eLicenser Control - Error
Application 'miniMg V 2' has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application.

 - For troubleshooting information click <Help>.
 - Click <Licenses> to view available licenses.
 - Connect a valid eLicenser and click <Retry>.
 - Click <Cancel> to abort.

Where are those available licenses? I can't find them.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi, do you have register these two synth too?
- Arturia ARP2600 V2
- Arturia MiniMg V

Usually after the registration you will get an activation code.

Here is a tutorial:
==> http://downloads.arturia.com/downloads/support/howto/pdf/howto_registerandactivate.pdf


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Oh, thanks for the quick reply, David... but we still have a problem.

In a nutshell: I don't have any Serial Number. I can't add ARP 2600 nor MiniMg in my Registered Products page. Their serials didn't come within the CD. Or if they did, they are very well hidden I had to create a disk image to open the disc in my Mac Mini (it doesn't have an optical drive), read a lot about that dongle... I don't have it.

Well, I ran the installer, but the only serial I could find was written on a card that came within the owner's manual. I activated the Analog Lab through eLicenser and it's running well. Nevertheless, there are no serials nor mentions towards ARP2600 and MiniMg.

Where can I find those Serials in order to get my activation codes?  ??? I'd like to use full plugins, play the ARP2600 and record stuff... I've contacted the reseller, but as they don't know how to solve technical issues like that, they've suggested the forum.

Thank you once again.


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