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Author Topic: Having a rather silly volume issue with AnalogLaboratory in Fruity Loops 10  (Read 3286 times)


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AnalogLaboratory 1.5.2 in Fruity Loops 10.0.8.

I'm new to using AnalogLaboratory, and this might be something really obvious that I'm overlooking, but I'm getting really frustrated now because it's kind of jeopardizing a song I'm working on.

I use FLStudio, and I've got the latest version of AnalogLaboratory working as a VST plugin on it. So, let's say I have an AL channel in my step sequencer, and it's playing a simple pattern. When I'm looking at the step sequencer, and I click the button with the name of the plugin on it to bring up the plugin window, the playback volume of the pattern drops significantly. I can't figure out any reason that this would occur, or any way to reverse it. It doesn't change the position of any volume knobs (on the plugin itself, in the step sequencer, in the mixer, etc.). It does weird things, too--like if I save the project I'm working on, it saves this change in volume too, even though there's no apparent reason for it. Right now I've got a song I've been working on that has 5 AL plugins running, and three of them are too loud while one is too quiet. Even after recreating that one channel that was too quiet, I saved the project once it sounded good, and then reloaded it to find that it had automatically turned quiet again. Does anybody else have any experience with this? Is this actually a glitch in the program, or am I just overlooking something simple?


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Hi, yes, I and others have the same issue in different DAWs, so must be a bug. Here is a trail from last year ->


I found this issue in October 2012, but no new software release yet. I can't imagine that this is such a hard thing to fix ? And I would class it as a major bug really as you can't trust the volume of the plugin in a mix.


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i have the same thing going on . this is not cool .
did you fix it ?


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