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Author Topic: Sad Beatstep buyer. "Pressure Sensitive Pads" can only send poly pressure?  (Read 3731 times)


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Pressure sensitive pads seem to give you polyphonic aftertouch and nothing else. Is this right?

There appears to be no pressure sensitive pad function for midi CC despite it clearly saying in the marketing spiel that the beatstep is a capable midi controller with pressure sensitive pads.  And the only thing preventing it seems to be enabling it in software.  My 20 year old M-AUDIO keyboard does pressure sensitive CCs on the pads.

No channel aftertouch or modulation or expression CC options for the pads when playing notes or sequences? 

I bought a beatstep not so much for the sequencer, but mainly as a 16 knob/pad CC controller pretty much only for this feature which is advertised on every retailer store page in the world and now I have to decide if its even worth keeping it. 

It also appears reading these forums that despite still being sold at retail the beatstep has long since had development abandoned.

The lack of control options make this about as useful(less) as a akai LPD8 that is half the price that I already own.


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