December 08, 2023, 04:23:48 am
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Author Topic: Weird "latency" issue after latest firmware update  (Read 307 times)


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Weird "latency" issue after latest firmware update
« on: May 05, 2023, 10:12:28 pm »
I like the Minilab 3 but I think there are underlying issues with its sleep and wake mechanism, at least under Mac OS Ventura.
Before the latest firmware upgrade I was experiencing random freezes, where the unit would basically get stuck after some time of inactivity (generally noticeable after the Mac would wake up from sleep mode).
A few days ago I updated the firmware. Today I experienced a new issue. Trying to use the keyboard, I get a very noticeable latency between the action and the sound. It's almost like a 2048 audio buffer if you get what I mean. Also hanging notes. In one word, unusable.
At first I thought it was a glitch of the DAW or the system, but then I noticed other controllers were fine.
The only fix that I could find so far is unplugging and replugging the unit, exactly as for the freezing issue above.
Now the weird latency issue happened again just after a few hours of inactivity. Frankly it's very annoying. I'm not sending emails to support anymore because I previously tried and I just got generic copy-and-paste replies. I hope to find some pro-level support here, because this issue needs to be fixed somehow. I can't keep replugging the unit every few hours.
In my 20+ years of MIDI controllers I have NEVER experienced anything like this. And again, it's a pity because I like the Minilab 3, when it works.


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